We're firm believers in being best friends with your spouse, and we're equally glad that we can claim that in our own relationship! Josh & I were friends long before we became lovers, and we credit how strong our relationship is now to how much we worked on it then. I'm sure in part that's why we have so much fun on wedding days! We love doing things together, and so being able to work side by side photographing weddings as a husband & wife team is the absolute best.

We're Josh
 & Caitlin

Hi There!

Enneagram 9, INFP, iced Chai Latte


“Caitlin, aside from being my beautiful wife and and an awesome partner in both life and business, is an incredibly talented individual. She’d be perfectly happy to go through life without anyone finding about it though—so that’s what I’m for, and I love to brag on her!! Her enneagram is spot-on, characterizing her as skilled peacemaker, a calming influence, an excellent mediator and one of the most grounded people in the room. She’s a skilled violinist, a loving mother, a talented photographer, an awesome cook, an even-keeled listener, a mischievous companion, and my best friend!”

- Josh


"True to his enneagram and MBTI, Josh is probably one of the most unique and memorable people you’ll meet. Wickedly smart and exceedingly confident, he’d definitely be the evil genius in a superhero movie! He’s got a knack for being able to talk to anyone - within minutes you’ll be sharing your life story before you even realize it - and you’d be surprised by his incredible memory. His sharp & delightfully sarcastic sense of humor may take you by surprise, but be sure to throw it right back at him!  But most importantly, he’s the warmest, most loving father that you’ve ever seen, and I am so proud to be his wife & business partner."

Enneagram 8, INTj, Hot Turtle Latte

- Caitlin

and beyond...

As The Andersons Photo Company, we are excited and honored to serve couples throughout the area, capturing love stories as only we can - with an unparalleled experience and warm, romantic imagery that will be enjoyed for lifetimes.  

In a year filled with so much chaos and confusion, God brought so much clarity to our business. Josh became my official second shooter, and we decided to change our name once again to better reflect that. 

Brought Josh On & rebranded


While Caitlin is still passionate about all things birth, we realized that the on-call lifestyle of a birth photographer was too much with three kids. So we made the decision to switch gears to portraiture and weddings!

Launched Caitlin Anderson Photography


Our beautiful baby girl was welcomed into the family. Soon after we had her brothers, one in 2018 and another in 2019. They've become our world; our why we do what we do. Our businesses allow Caitlin to stay home & homeschool them, and Josh the ability to be there for all their firsts.

Became Parents for the first time


We said our vows in the fall of 2015, after 7 months of dating and 7 months of engagement. We had the BEST husband & wife team as our photographers, and we credit them with starting our dream.

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson


Caitlin grew up second shooting for her mother, an award winning photographer. After graduating high school, Caitlin launched her first business as a doula & birth photographer. 

STarted the OG Business


Our timeline

Lexington offers an enchanting backdrop for love stories, with its picturesque landscapes, historic charm, and vibrant community. We are genuinely thrilled to embark on this new chapter and explore the captivating beauty of our new surroundings. This move also allows us to tap into fresh inspirations, ensuring that our work continues to evolve and surpass your expectations.

We moved to Lexington, KY!


Why an oak tree?

Oak trees will forever hold a special place in our hearts for many reasons.
It all started with our Scottish ancestors, where Josh's last name can be traced back to. If you search Anderson Family Crest, you'll find a solitary oak tree encircled with a belt, with the words "STAND SURE" emblazoned atop of it. Why an oak specifically though?

They're sturdy, hardy trees, often growing to great size and lasting through many trials and storms. As such, they've often been chosen throughout history as a symbol of strength, heritage, and power. I, Caitlin, have often felt that Josh was my oak tree, standing strong & sure throughout life's many adventures and worries.

When Josh & I created and shaped this business, we wanted to convey our values in our branding. What better way to sum up everything we believe in and stand for - faith, family, heritage - than with our beloved oak tree?